Teatre of Silence – Lajatico


Teatre of Silence
Is an amphitheatre that uses the configuration of Lajatico's hills, in the province of Pisa, the Maestro Andrea Bocelli's birthplace. Andrea Bocelli himself wanted to build this theatre, inaugurated on April 27th,2016. The Theatre hosts the annual show that has the Maestro has protagonist, with a excellent direction that renews every year. It's its particularity of hosting just one show per year that gives the name to this theatre "Teatro del Silenzio".The orchestra gets disassembled when there's no show and the building becomes an artificial lake. It is then conceived as a natural theatre, that blends perfectly with the hilly Lajatico landscape. The majestic statue that represents a human face has become the symbol of the Theatre and it towers in the centre of it. the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj is the author of this work of art that was initially created for a scenography of "Manon Lescaut" and was later donated to the theatre foundation by the artist himself. The annual show is thus performed in this evocative landscape where music, nature, rural and gastronomic Tuscan traditions fuse together in harmony. We're talking about a unique and unforgettable experience where to share a magic moment made of peace and fascination with the worldwide most loved tenor's voice.